5 Weekday Habits That Will Help You Outsmart the Sunday Scaries

5 Weekday Habits That Will Help You Outsmart the Sunday Scaries

Sunday scares, a feeling of anxiety about the upcoming work week, are a common occurrence. For many people on a typical weekday schedule, Sunday afternoon becomes a time to dread the week ahead. Here’s how to make a few tweaks to your schedule and habits to make your weekend as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

How common are Sunday scares?

If the final hours of the weekend fill you with dread, take heart: You’re far from alone. According to a 2018 survey on LinkedIn, nearly 80% of Americans worry about the workweek on Sundays.

The number is even higher for younger workers, with 91 percent of Millennials and 94 percent of Gen Z professionals experiencing this phenomenon. As Monday morning approaches, many people worry about their to-do list as well as all the pending tasks that weren’t completed last week.

However, you don’t have to spend your Sundays making up for the week ahead forever. Here are some ways to tackle the Sunday scares and make your weekend more relaxing.

1. Make a Monday To Do List on Friday

Finish all your work before leaving the house on Friday. The simple and elegant Things 3 app keeps all your upcoming tasks organized in one place.

On the home screen, your tasks are organized into four categories: Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday. To create a new list, tap the check button in the lower right corner. Fill in your tasks for Monday, then tap the Calendar button to schedule it accordingly.

Whether you use the Things 3 app, your calendar, or a simple Post-It note, free up plenty of mental space by jotting down all your duties for Monday before the weekend hits. It’ll be easier to get back into the workflow on Monday morning, and you won’t need to revisit it in your spare time.

2. Organize your work time

Whenever possible, try not to put off any major work for Monday morning. Try apps that help you use the Flowtime technique to focus on the clock.

This productivity method helps sharpen your focus using a modified version of the popular Pomodoro Technique. However, instead of working in 25-minute increments, Flowtime technology allows you to work for as long as you need.

Whether you use the flow time method or another productivity technique, you can make the entire workday easier by giving yourself the best opportunity to focus on the task at hand.

3. Prioritize rest (and fun) during weekday evenings

Another way to reduce Sunday scares is to make your weekdays more enjoyable. Downtime is important, after all. Unless you work in an incredibly time-sensitive profession, log out of your work email and messaging services in the evening.

Next, try to carve out some time during the week for recreational activities. For example, use the Sofa: Downtime Organizer app to keep all your movies, shows, podcasts, books, and more in one place.

The app organizes them all to watch, listen and read, so you always have plenty of entertainment options. With everything organized in the Sofa app, the days of racking your brains to remember the name of that one show you wanted to watch are over.

4. Complete the tasks on the days of the week

Try not to leave everything for Saturday and Sunday. Use an app like Sweepee: Home Cleaning Schedule to schedule your regular chores during the weekdays, so you can be more relaxed during the weekend.

Add a section for each room in your home when setting up, then select tasks that need attention in those areas. For example, in the dining room you might choose to clear the tables, mop the floors, and clean the ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Each task also includes a frequency option, so you can decide to vacuum weekly and clean light switches every month, for example. It is up to your own needs.

5. Set positive goals for the week ahead

If you’re the planning type, set some goals for the coming work week. They may be in relation to your job, fitness goals, or leisure time.

For example, you might decide to meditate for 10 minutes each day, plan your dinner menu, or complete a quick interval workout. Whatever goals you set, an app like Habit Rabbit can make your plans more fun.

When you first start up, a cute animated rabbit character appears in a messy room. As you go along completing the tasks, it becomes cleaner and more colorful, and you also get the chance to decorate it with additional items.

To get started, tap the calendar button , then the plus sign to create a new habit. Mark completed tasks with a green check mark on the calendar to earn new items, clean your rabbit’s living space, and level up.

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