10 Jobs That Only Exist in the Metaverse

10 Jobs That Only Exist in the Metaverse

The metaverse is a controversial concept but is already being adopted by many industries. With so many metaverse-based platforms, there is a need for employees to fill specific roles. But which jobs can only exist in the Metaverse, and are they even real yet?

1. Metaverse Event Managers

There are already several metaverse events taking place; Whether it’s an auction, concert, stand-up show, or others. Being such an important part of many metaverse platforms, someone needs to schedule and organize them. Enter the Metaverse Event Manager.

A Metaverse Event Manager will be responsible for securing Metaverse venues for events and researching venues in advance. Event managers will also need to arrange for attendance numbers, entertainment, entry fees and other elements to ensure that the virtual event runs as smoothly as possible. An event manager can also recruit other virtual parties to help with security, technical aspects, and more.

Metaverse event managers already exist, although the profession may become more widely known if the metaverse grows in prevalence.

2. Metaverse Doctors

Who would have thought that one day we could have access to healthcare in the Metaverse? Well, it may soon become a reality.

Access to physical drugs and therapies obviously won’t be possible within the Metaverse, but that doesn’t mean that access to advice and support is out of the question. With today’s technology, it is possible to monitor many of your physical metrics from home. By linking this data to your avatar, a Metaverse doctor can assess your health, make recommendations, and even book real-life appointments for further support.

While the Metaverse Doctor is still conceptual, this role could have serious applications in the near future.

3. Metaverse Architects

Without the Metaverse Architects, there wouldn’t be much to see in this virtual world. The metaverse doesn’t just consist of virtual avatars. Cafes, clubs, offices, concert halls, shops, and other buildings must also exist in the Metaverse to make it worthwhile. And, where there is a need for buildings, architects come in.

Of course, building a virtual structure is very different from building a physical structure. Gravity, weather and material erosion are not factors that need to be considered by the Metaverse architects. But creating 3D models that can interact with the avatars will be a priority for Metaverse Architects. Ironing out the bugs and designing the exterior and interior would also fall to Metaverse Architects.

4. Metaverse Cyber Security

As with any technology, the Metaverse can be exploited by cybercriminals. This is why adequate security personnel and measures must be implemented to reduce the possibility of metaverse-based scams and attacks.

Metaverse cyber security jobs will not include virtual cyber security workers. Rather, this area ensures that the Metaverse platform and avatar are kept safe. For example, a Metaverse-based social media outlet would need a code of conduct, login parameters, and recovery measures in case of a hack or credential loss.

Metaverse cyber security staff may also be required to deal with dangerous avatars who abuse, harass or scam other users.

5. Metaverse Security Manager

Although the metaverse does not pose any immediate physical danger, security must still be considered in this realm. This is where Metaverse Security Managers come in.

A Metaverse Security Manager will be responsible for ensuring the physical security of the users. For example, this role might include checking whether metaverse hardware, such as VR headsets, meets safety standards.

The virtual security of Metaverse users can be a concern for security managers as well as cyber security personnel.

6. Metaverse Tour Guide

There would certainly be some interesting places to visit in the Metaverse. But how do you find these places and learn about them? Enter the Metaverse Tour Guide.

A Metaverse tour guide would take on the role of showing users around parts of the Metaverse, such as buildings, monuments, and nature reserves. For example, you might want to visit a virtual monument or a replica of a real-world monument. A Metaverse tour guide can make it easier and more enjoyable.

The Metaverse Tour Guide can also show new users how to navigate this virtual world, including how to reach useful locations.

7. Metaverse Real Estate Agent

Virtual land already has value within the metaverse, with metaverse platforms such as Decenterland offering users the ability to buy and create virtual assets. And, when land is being purchased, real estate agents are usually only part of the equation.

A Metaverse real estate agent will be responsible for buying and selling virtual land. This includes valuing the land, finding buyers and getting the best price for sellers. Metaverse real estate agents may also charge a fee for their work or use it for the seller’s benefit as payment.

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