5 Reasons Why You Can’t Send Gifts From Your Apple Device

5 Reasons Why You Can’t Send Gifts From Your Apple Device

Did you know that you can send gifts from your Apple device? If a friend uses Apple’s media services like Apple Music or the App Store, you can send them books, movies, music, videos and apps from your Apple apps.

However, sometimes you may be unable to send gifts from your device. So, if you are facing any such problem, here are some possible reasons.

1. Recipient lives in a different country or region

Just as the recipient of an Apple Gift Card cannot use it outside the country where it was purchased, the recipient of a gift from an Apple device cannot use it outside the country or region where it was sent because Their Apple ID is in a different country or region.

For example, if you’re gifting an app or game from the App Store in the United States, the person you’re sending it to must also have an Apple ID in the United States. However, they can work around this by changing their App Store country, but this has its own drawbacks.

2. You are in an unsupported country or region

You may be unable to send gifts because you cannot buy music, apps, movies or books in your country or region. This is because some countries or regions cannot access certain Apple services. For example, if you live in Croatia, you won’t be able to gift books from the App Store.

It is possible to solve this problem by changing your App Store and iTunes country, but as we mentioned earlier, this has some problems of its own. You can visit Apple Support to learn which Apple services your country can access.

3. Your Family Sharing Settings

Apple’s Family Sharing lets you share Apple content and subscriptions with your family. If you have enabled this feature on your device and turned on Ask to Buy, it will prevent you from sending gifts. After turning it off, you should be able to buy gifts.

4. Using the wrong tool to gift an item

What you can gift depends on whether you’re on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC. You can send gifts from the App Store, Apple Books, or iTunes Store on an iPhone or iPad. On a Mac or PC, you can send gifts using the iTunes Store.

You need an iPhone or iPad to gift an app, TV show or movie, and a Mac or PC to gift individual songs. Currently, there is no solution for this.

5. You’re trying to gift a free app

If you can’t gift an item from the App Store, it may be because it’s free. While you can only gift paid items, it is possible to share freebies as well. To do so, tap the Share button next to the app, then select a recipient or your means of sending it.

Make the most of Apple Gifting

Looking for a great gift for someone you love who is also an Apple user? Send them an app, song, book, or any other item you know they’ll love from your device.

And if you want them to have the flexibility to choose apps or books, send them an Apple gift card instead. Whatever it is, they’re bound to appreciate the gift.

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