7 Reasons Privacy Should Be Considered a Human Right

7 Reasons Privacy Should Be Considered a Human Right

We live in an era where it is very easy to access data remotely. Software developers, Internet service providers, and even a random colleague may have the ability to invade and disrespect your privacy.

Privacy laws established by people and governments encourage everyone to create a personal space for themselves. With time, people have become alert about their privacy rights.

This gave rise to a movement that labels privacy as a fundamental human right. But how? Why should privacy really be considered a human right?

Why Privacy Matters So Much?

No matter who you are and where you work, consider privacy your number one right. It is a premise that allows people to keep others at a safe distance.

As a working person, you may meet different people from different backgrounds every day. Is it fair to trust everyone in your personal and work-related matters? We don’t think so.

Keeping your work-related data and information secure gives you a sense of certainty about how it is being used and who can access it. Plus, it gives you power and control as an activist.

The following are the most prominent reasons why privacy should be considered a human right:

1. Privacy helps maintain your personal space

Once you’re logged into the Internet, everything stored on your device including photos, contacts, and email is at risk of a data breach. In short, anyone can view your digital footprint and peep into your life without facing any consequences.

This makes your personal space vanish into thin air. Make sure your account is private if you use social media apps. Nevertheless, the risk of being hacked is always there, and the app team and servers will not be held responsible.

Various groups have taken steps to address the issue of personal space, but it is up to you to use them properly. Personal space also means that you need to stop oversharing on social media.

2. Don’t let your data fall into the wrong hands

Apps are getting advanced day by day. What artificial intelligence can do is unimaginable. It also means that the apps are becoming more and more lethal. When you start an app for the first time, it asks for various permissions.

Some third-party applications are specifically designed to steal data. The app may be a photo editor, but it will ask for access to contacts. Have you ever asked yourself what is the matter? We recommend granting apps only the permissions you want.

Sometimes you ask someone to take care of your phone for a minute because you work quickly. No matter how trustworthy the other person is, always keep your device locked with a strong password.

If you feel that your data is not protected enough, use AppLock with a different password than your lock screen password to ensure the security of your personal data.

Apart from personal life, it is important to keep your work data secure in your office. You can create strong computer passwords to secure soft copies and backups. To protect data, consider implementing effective data security solutions in your workplace.

3. Your reputation matters

Your digital footprint should be kept private. No one has the right to see and judge your personal life.

No matter where you are, who you are, where you work, or your position, your reputation is dear to you, and there are always people who want to undermine it. The same goes for the online world. Hackers and scammers are lurking around the corner, waiting to undercut your fame.

We are all different people at work than we are as friends. We do not want to mix the two personalities. You never know when someone might leak your chats with your friends and how badly it will affect your work life.

Use two-factor authentication on your data to ensure maximum protection against data breaches.

4. Data privacy protects you from financial loss

Many companies ask us for data such as name, home address, credit card information and contact numbers. They may have good intentions, but if the company’s security is breached, it can have harmful consequences for your privacy.

There’s nothing wrong with giving out your financial information to make payments and purchases. However, to preserve privacy, we recommend that you clear everything from the server and delete all information when you are done.

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